Dennis Breier


Notes from the Composer:

The tide of this piece seems at first sight a bit ironic and uncreative,
due to the fact that I am submitting this piece for the library dedication.
However, the title means so much more than would fust meet the eye. It
describes not only the dedication ceremony itself, but also the dedication it took
to build the library, the dedication that will be taking place inside as students
strive to due well academically, and the dedication that it took to write the
piece. This is the first piece that I have completely written, and I firmly believe
that the idea of the construction of the library helped me finish.
The piece actually mitrors the building of the library in a way. It
starts very moderately with a major feel that made me think of the library when
it was first going up, no one really knew when it wonld be done, but they knew
it was going to be great when it was. From the end of the fitst section to the
end of the piece is a constant build up to a grand ending that I believe
encompasses what the library is, grand. As I wrote the piece I tried to think
about what I was thinking as it was going up. I thought about how nice it
looked as they added things on, I constandy wondered what was cotoing next,
and looked forward to the day that I could go inside. I tried to really
incorporate all of the excitement and anticipation that the library provided to
me personally and the campus as a whole in this piece. The library project was
a constant build up from the ground breaking ceremony to the cotoing
dedication, and this piece is no different. It builds up from the beginning to
end and also helped to build my skills as a composer and my confidence that I
can write something from beginning to end.
I really feel as if there will be no loser in this competition, because win
or lose, just having the chance to get this piece played in front of an audience
will be a proud day for me. I have met a goal that I never thought I would
meet, finishing a piece, just as the school has met its goal of buildiug the library.
I look forward to the dedication, and I thank you for giving me the opportunity
to accomplish my goal. I feel that this is not a competition, but a chance to
hopefully be a small part of contributing to the opening of the library.



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