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Duration: 9 min.

This piece was originally written in 2006 and submitted, with others, for 2007 Research Honors under the heading "Eight Compositions for Varying Instrumentation."

The score may be downloaded with the link at the right, and a recording of the piece is available at the link above.


Composer's Note: After the Fact has no specific extra-musical program however as I was writing the piece I was inspired by many thoughts on the age-old question of "what if?" By this I mean what would people do differently if they had known in the first place the outcome of a certain situation. While writing this piece I was specifically paying close attention to the news about the war and tensions that were taking place over in Iraq and the Middle East. In many ways this piece is a reflection on this war and all of the conflict taking place in that region of the world. Are the consequences and perils of any war ever justified? Musically, this piece is motivically based. These motives serve as the fundamental basis for this piece and constantly return throughout the piece in different forms, variations, and instrumentations. The form of this piece is essentially terenary. The initial motives are stated clearly in the first section of this piece. The middle section includes a variety of different material presented in five distinct parts. These sections include motivic material from the original section but these motives are layered on top of new material. The final section is an urgent recapitulation of the original material however it does include elements introduced in the middle section. This piece is intended for a wind ensemble to perform however the parts can be doubled in order to suit a larger band.



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