Graduation Year



This work was premiered at my senior composition recital on 12 April 2015.


This work was abstractly inspired by the landscape of my home state. I composed its building blocks while just north of Normal, Illinois, specifically while at various points along the square formed by Main Street, E 1800 North Road, N 1300 East Road, and W Ziebarth Road. During multiple sessions, I visited these locations and wrote down, on staff and loose leaf paper, what came to mind. The goal was that, during the composition process, I would focus more on the development of the music—in and of itself. The resultant piece was to avoid relying on some sort of outside narrative to dictate its structure and progression.

I would like to thank Dr. Daniel Swilley, Dr. Mario Pelusi, Dr. David Vayo, Dr. Wes Chapman, and Devon Redlin for their contributions to this project.



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