The Music Papers series contains works that are awarded Research Honors or that have been selected as "outstanding" by School of Music faculty.

Works that received Research Honors distinction from the University have the note "(Honors)" following the title of the work.

Any entry that does not have a pdf attached has been withheld from the repository at the author’s request. Bona fide researchers may be consult these works by contacting Tate Archives and Special Collections.


Submissions from 2022


The Saxophone in Classical and Popular Music (Honors), Dylan Propheter

Submissions from 2021

The Paradox of Womanhood: Gender Roles and The Representation of Women in Puccini’s Tosca (Honors), Madeline Hanrahan

The Politics of Music: Examining Political Motivations of John Adams' Nixon in China (Honors), Ethan Schuller

Submissions from 2020

Suite Médiévale: A Guide for Interpretation and Performance (Honors), Andrew Johnson

Discovering the Compositional Voice: An Examination of Conceptions of Style, Authenticity, and Originality in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Classical Music (Honors), Alexa Letourneau

Submissions from 2019

Horses, Gunshots, and Saloons: The Portrayal of the American West in Libby Larsen’s Songs from Letters (Honors), Katharine Teykl

Submissions from 2017

The Well-Tempered Tuba (Honors), Jacob Taitel

Submissions from 2015

"O! My Son": Musical Interpretations of a Father's Grief in the Age of Jacobean Rhetoric (Honors), Hannah Eby


Unleashing Music's Hidden Blueprint: An Analysis of Mathematical Symmetries Used in Music (Honors), Natalie Hoijer

Submissions from 2014


Bruce Prince-Joseph: Toccata Giovane (Honors), Lucas W. Fletcher

Submissions from 2013

20th Century Trends in the Rhythmic Interpretation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria (Honors), Chelsey Belt

Submissions from 2012


Ravel and Roussel: Retrospectivism in Le Tombeau de Couperin and La Suite pour piano, op.14, Qingfan Jiang

Submissions from 2011

Fatalism, Tragedy, and Morality: A Study of the Men in Verdi's 'Il trovatore' (Honors), John Hanlon

Submissions from 2006


Integration of Women into the Flute Section of Orchestras from 1950 to the Present (Honors), Deborah Boersma

Submissions from 1991


Mediating Between the Mediums: The Changing Shakespearean World, Rebecca Ewert '91

Submissions from 1977


Die Schöne Müllerin: The Creative Genius of Wilhelm Müller and Franz Schubert, David C. Rayl '77