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Spring 2014


This paper discusses Toccata Giovane, a composition for pipe organ by Dr. Bruce Prince-Joseph, in an effort to reintroduce musicians to this obscure but delightful work. Additionally, Dr. Prince-Joseph's life and career are also explored.


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Toccata Giovane.wav (29732 kB)
"Toccata Giovane" by Bruce Prince-Joseph. Performed by Lucas Fletcher in Evelyn Chapel at Illinois Wesleyan University

Anything Goes.wav (30278 kB)
"Anything Goes" performed by Bruce Prince-Joseph on his album "Anything Goes."

Bruce Prince-Joseph, Young People's Concerts.wmv (10632 kB)
Bruce Prince-Joseph performing on the Kilgen organ in Carnegie Hall on Leonard Bernstein's "Young People's Concerts". Excerpt from Episode 2, 1958.