Long Way to Go: History of Illinois Wesleyan's Diversity


Students enrolled in the 2012 Illinois Wesleyan University Summer Enrichment Program created a film as the culmination of their research project. At this time, it cannot be shared publicly due to the rights-protected music used in the production. If an edited version becomes available, it will be linked from here. Until then, please contact archives@iwu.edu to view the film.

Note: The title originally included the version note "Final_V2."


The 2012 group titled their research project "Know Your Story" and this film describes the history of multiculturalism and the SEP Program at IWU from 1988-2012.

A press release on the participants in this year's program is available at http://digitalcommons.iwu.edu/news/1970/


Cultural History | Education | Oral History | United States History

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