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An abstract of this interview is available below. A transcript is linked above and to the right. An essay summarizing themes that emerged from interviews conducted about Myers in 2016 is available: Portrait of a Collector: Reflections on an Influential Bibliophile.

This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Class of 2003.


Matuszak recalls the influence a speech about multi-talented individuals had on her life. Myers cited books about and articles about geniuses in this talk that she feels helped her understand herself better and that continued to influence her career path. She relates examples of how the ease of relating to him led her and her peers to go to him first about problems and how he supported student initiatives. Overall, he set the example of what a life-long learner could be. He left the impression that he was listening for what he could learn from you and so when he spoke it made you want to find out what he'd learned.

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multi-talented, student support, personal characteristics, Portrait of a Collector, Alumni


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