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An abstract of this interview is available below. A transcript is linked above and to the right. An essay summarizing themes that emerged from interviews conducted about Myers in 2016 is available: Portrait of a Collector: Reflections on an Influential Bibliophile.

This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Class of 1962.


Muirhead begins by telling the story of the home he lived in, which was removed when the Ames Library was built, and how Myers remembered his connection to the site while giving a library tour. He also recalls Myers cooking a special dinner for him and Pam Muirhead after Ellen Myers made a connection with their interests. Muirhead contrasts differences in the physical campus and atmosphere before Myers' era. He also recalls the emphasis Myers brought to the presence of John Wesley Powell at IWU and Myers' support for the Black History Project through the McLean County Museum of History. He closes with a story of Myers joining a group of people who were helping an English faculty member move and then responds to a question about his own teaching career.

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library building, personal characteristics, local history, intellectual curiosity, community connections, Portrait of a Collector, Alumni


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