Brian Rogers


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This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Connecticut College Librarian, 1975-1992


Rogers states that Myers was the chair of the search committee when Rogers was selected as Connecticut College Librarian in 1975. Myers was a member of the Friends of the Library and frequently wrote for their Bulletin. Myers also edited the publication for a few years and helped with a book sale that the Friends held to benefit the library. Myers was active in evaluating and organizing materials that were donated or deaccessioned for the sale and Rogers remembers him as a serious collector with a "focus like a laser beam." Librarians did not have faculty status at Connecticut at that time but Myers made a successful case for Rogers to receive faculty rank. Rogers recalls that Myers had a printing press in his home and that he gifted it to the library when they moved to Hobart and Williams Smith. Rogers states that they could not keep it at the library although he would have liked to.

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