Nancy Sultan


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This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Professor and Director of Greek and Roman Studies, 1993-present


Minor interviewed her for her position and she engaged with him on the train collection she saw in his office. She recalls giving him advice on books to purchase for his Classica collection. Myers loaned her a particular book and he expressed anxiety over its safety. She observes that he was not an astute collector of books in her area of expertise but recalls that he kept "want lists" of titles to look for and he would also look for items she was interested in. Sultan believes that Myers' "curiosity about learning" was infectious and important for students, staff and faculty to see. She also discusses Myers' involvement in creating the library and interacting with library staff. Sultan enjoyed the interest Myers shared in her work and feels his vision for IWU was not just to make it an elite institution but a place with intellectual life.

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