Dan Terkla


An abstract of this interview is available below. A transcription is available for download above and to the right. An essay summarizing themes that emerged from interviews conducted about Myers in 2016 is available: Portrait of a Collector: Reflections on an Influential Bibliophile.

This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: Professor of English, 1995- present.


Terkla describes books and other types of collections Myers had and how he loaned them to Terkla to take to classes. Memorable books were Dante's La Comedia, a Mexican Bible and John Speed's Atlas. He also describes an event called "Minor watch," which was a practice he and his students had of waving to Myers as he walked by their window. Terkla includes accounts of events at the President's House in which Myers played music and also of the way Myers displayed his books in his home. Terkla recalls only a few times Myers came to his office but on one visit Myers estimated the date of publication by smelling the glue used in the binding. Myers also didn't understand why Terkla wasn't interested in becoming a collector. The library's collections were also a topic of their discussions and Myers saw no problem if students had to go to ISU's library because IWU lacked journals for some of Terkla's areas.

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