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Luther Bedford, Illinois Wesleyan University Class of 1959 is the subject of this interview which was conducted at Marshall High School, Chicago, IL on November 16, 1999. The interviewer is believed to be Yvonne Jones and she states this is being conducted as part of the Dr. Edelbert Rodgers Minority Alumni Research Project at Illinois Wesleyan University. The recording here was transferred from a VHS original. An unedited master of the digital file is available from IWU's University Archives. Contact or 309-556-1535.

A transcript of this interview is available in the link above and to the right. An abstract is available below.


Bedford discusses how he came to enroll at Illinois Wesleyan, some of the faculty who mentored him, difficulties with campus social life, and successes with roommates. Bedford played on the football and track teams but was denied an opportunity to play varsity basketball. He also discusses difficulties he faced in getting his desired teaching position after college and volunteer work he engaged in at the time of the interview.
Bedford served as Athletic Director at Marshall High School in Chicago for 33 of his 40 year tenure there. He received the Minority Alumni Network Award from Illinois Wesleyan in 1995 and was inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1996. Bedford died on January 8, 2006. His obituary is available in University Archives Record Group 13-1.

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