Jack Horenberger

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This recording was originally one of two on one side of a cassette tape that was digitized in Spring 2018 and separated from two other interviews on the same tape: Dwight Drexler and Anne Meierhofer.


Jack Hornberger, Class of 1936 and Athletic Director at the time of this recording, is interviewed about the past and present at IWU. Horenberger calls the interviewer Lenny, whose last name is not known.

Fred Muhl is the first person he speaks about. He taught Math and was a coach. He was quiet and often called on by the school when help was needed. Horenberger characterizes Fred Young as the most significant to IWU athletics history. Noting he was responsible for trips to Cooperstown, NY and for starting the southern baseball pre-season trips.

He cites the longevity of the people involved in IWU athletics as being an important factor in the school's reputation. He also talks about the game against Southern Illinois University that took place on the night of the Hedding Hall fire. He recalls students doing their warm up lay-up shots and then running out to look at the fire. He also noted that very few people came to watch the game that night but that the fire drew a big crowd. He thought the basement of Hedding that was roofed over was nicer then the building as a whole had been.

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