Bennie Smith

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A recording of this interview and a photo are linked below. A transcript will be added when it becomes available. The interview was conducted by phone on January 13, 2020.


Dr. Smith majored in Business and is a member of the Class of 1981 and Phi Beta Sigma. He speaks about how conversations with his wife about his IWU experience and how that piqued her interest in bringing a college prep program called "College Summit" to IWU in the summer. She proposed it to President Minor Myers and it resulted in at least one summer event taking place. The Spring 2002 Minority Alumni Network newsletter The Network Voice, contains an announcement of this program (see http://digitalcommons.iwu.edu/man_docs/4), and the Winter 2003 issue contains a review of the first event (see http://digitalcommons.iwu.edu/man_docs/1).

This interview was conducted by phone on January 13, 2020.

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KempHall_1981Wesleyana_p161.jpg (207 kB)
Smith is pictured in the bottom center of this photo with his Kemp Hall housemates

PhiBetaSigma_1980Wesleyana_p137.jpg (199 kB)
Smith is pictured in the back right of this photo with other Phi Beta Sigma members