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A transcript is available for download above and to the right. Activate the audio recording in the embedded player below. Two photographs are available at the links below.

The recording below is an excerpt from the complete wire recording made March 1949 at a Los Angeles alumni meeting. It was made by Edward K. Waters ’37 and subsequently deposited in the University Archives where it remains today. A copy of the IWU Bulletin, Alumni Issue, recounting the event is also linked below.

The Archives had the recording converted to a digital format by Media Preserves, Summer 2009. Attempts were made by archives staff to verify spelling of names for the transcript but some could not be confirmed. These names and some inaudible words are noted by marking the presumed word in brackets.


Roger Rose, Class of 1948, makes a speech at a Los Angeles alumni meeting. He reflects on the accomplishments of IWU in various fields.

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full event description, August 1950 IWU Bulletin, Alumni Issue

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1948 Wesleyana