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A transcription is available for download above and to the right. Photographs of Dr. Fahsbender are linked below.


Ken Fahsbender is a member of Phi Mu Alpha. He majored in music and two years after graduation he joined the Army and the Ft. Leonard Wood Band. Later he pursued a Master's from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a PhD from Stanford. He retired from teaching in the California school system.

During this interview he recalls the benefits of being in a fraternity talks about being in a men's choral group, intramural and extramural sports, and competing in track. He also remembers interacting with Coach Jack Horenberger, Lee Short, and Lloyd Pfautsch. He speaks of the value he still finds from the courses outside of his music requirements.

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Ken Fahsbender Dec 2015.jpg (110 kB)
Scanned photo sent by Dr. Fahsbender

1949_Wesleyana_Fahsbender.pdf (702 kB)
Senior class yearbook photo

Fahsbender_PhiMuAlpha.jpg (802 kB)
1945 PMA members

Names of men in 1945 PMA photograph.pdf (168 kB)
Names of pictured members supplied by Fahsbender