Nicole Brown


This interview was requested by Miner following Brown’s address titled “All the Lies are White” during the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Teach-In on January 16, 2017. Those remarks and a photo taken of Brown during that presentation are linked below. Photographs of Brown during her student and staff days are also linked below.

The download button located above and to the right contains a transcript with time-synched notations. A page containing just an annotated index is linked at the bottom of this page. The complete interview recording is available in the media player below.


Dr. Nicole Brown, Class of 1999, recalls her days as a leader of the Black Student Union, lessons learned from the corporate world and goals as the Director of Multicultural Affairs. She further relates examples of IWU’s lack of progress on lasting change with regard to hiring and retaining Black faculty. In each portion of her IWU affiliations, Brown recalls the achievements and frustrations she experienced.

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personal narrative, Interview, Alumni


Education | Race and Ethnicity | Sociology