Sue Anderson


An abstract of this interview is available below. A time-annotated index or transcription will be available for download above and to the right as soon as it becomes available. An essay summarizing themes that emerged from interviews conducted about Myers in 2016 is available: Portrait of a Collector: Reflections on an Influential Bibliophile.

This interview subject is affiliated with IWU and/or President Myers in the following ways: University Librarian, 1992-2006; Academic Outreach Librarian, 2007-2017.


Anderson describes her hiring process and Myers' actions in trying to influence it. Anderson details the changes she intended to make in library services and collections and the difficulties she encountered in achieving these goals. She also recounts instances in planning The Ames Library and her relationships with Provost McNew, Associate Provost Schnaitter and faculty.

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leadership, management, firings, end-of-life, BOT, auction, book selection, Portrait of a Collector, Faculty


United States History

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