Illinois Wesleyan alumnae, staff and faculty offer guidance and mentorship to current female students through the Council for IWU Women's programs and networking opportunities. The group's homepage is linked from the right sidebar of this page.

The Council’s signature event is its annual summit, and during the 2016 summit members were given an opportunity to interview a friend and share stories about their experiences. These conversations are linked below and more recordings are welcome. Contact or visit Tate Archives and Special Collections for details on how you can participate!

Records related to the Council's founding in 2004 and development are available in Record Group 17-21/5 of the University Archives at The Ames Library.


Interviews from 2017

Catherine Bayles and Kenzie Berggren, Catherine Bayles; Kenzie Berggren; and Council for IWU Women, Illinois Wesleyan University

Abigail Sullivan and Linda Stone, IWU Council for Women

Adriane Powell and Jessica Olsen, IWU Council for Women

Alissa Miller and Abigail Kauerauf, IWU Council for Women

Debra Burt-Frazier and Kelly Fuller, IWU Council for Women

Kelly Petrowski and Linda Tianze Zhang, IWU Council for Women

Kim Bankston and Karyssa Clark, IWU Council for Women

Interviews from 2016


Jess Olsen and Gabby Cooney, Council for IWU Women

Kelly Petrowski and Anyssa Balcazar, Council for IWU Women