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Dr. Fahsbender donated a printed copy of this image to the University Archives, which was scanned to go along with his oral history interview which is available at

Ken Fahsbender, shown here as a 17 year old Freshman, is on the top row right.
John Fierro '49 is the far left of the top row. The next two are unknown.
Next is (in his own words) Fahsbender's "very tall roommate that year" Alan Crawford '49. He played oboes and tenor sax in Fahsbender’s “Kenny Eugene Orchestra.”

On the bottom, starting on the left are Sebastiano Conte '49 (from New York), a string bass major who also played in the Kenny Eugene Orchestra; Jack Schuler '49, clarinet (from Pennsylvania); John Kinnison '46, saxophone; unknown; and John Leighty '49.

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