At the September 17, 2019 Faculty Meeting, Interim President Georgia Nugent announced she was disbanding PAC.

The timeline for this group's existence is as follows: In an email dated August 17, 2016, President Eric Jensen announced he was forming the President's Advisory Committee "To increase transparency regarding budgeting...." The message included that "The Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee (SPBC) will continue, but with a tighter focus on the strategic plan." The records of that group and its successors are elsewhere.
CUPP passed a resolution (September 7, 2017) to expand faculty and staff representation on CUPP to six: the three CUPP reps that serve on SPBC plus the three SPBC reps elected from the faculty at large. (announced in Faculty Meeting Minutes, September 11, 2017).
CUPP reported that the "President’s Advisory Committee will issue a written report/minutes to be presented to faculty and staff. A faculty representative to PAC will regularly stand for that report at the Faculty Meeting beginning with the November meeting." (Faculty meeting Oct 2, 2017)


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January 11, 2019, President's Advisory Council

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