Oscillating Chemical Reactions

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The goal of this Honors Project is to explore and rediscover, from scratch, some aspects of what the underlying physics might be. Our focus will be mainly on the Briggs-Rauscher (Rauscher, 1973) (BR) reaction and the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction (Belousov, 1958), (Zhabotinskii, 1964)...For our purposes, it is worth noting that this model predicts a fixed period for a given starting concentration of the reagents, and it does not display our experimentally seen smooth and small variation of T as the reaction proceeds. What is exciting about the model is that it is simple enough to add diffusion-coupling between two localized and physically separated BZ oscillators, even as it is accurate enough to capture the essence of the BR system by using only three concentration variables. We hope to pursue this line of numerical analysis in the near future.



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