Campus & Immediate Community Sight Tour, Advancement 1995

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This driving tour is narrated by Bob Aaron. It may have been recorded as part of preparations for a capital campaign. The recording is dated July 11, 1995 and was digitized in 2018. A photograph of the original media is linked below.


The tour goes around the campus perimeter twice: first looking outward from campus and then inward. From there the tour works its way in towards the heart of campus using several side streets. A map of the area is interspersed with the filmed sights to better orient the viewer.

There are views of campus buildings that no longer exist: the Fred Young Fieldhouse, Alpha Omicron Pi house, the Methodist Conference office building, and some homes and businesses. Some of these homes are on the three block area that now holds The Ames Library. Also included are the nearly completed Center for Natural Sciences, the Sherff Hall of Science (since remodeled and serving as the Center for Liberal Arts).


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