"Peopletalk" Voice and Music Edits


Duration: 00:25:29

"Peopletalk" was a promotional series used for outreach that intersperses interviews with music from IWU. The content was originally released in 1978 with different music in the background but the production quality on that version is uneven and so is not being made available online. Contact the archives for access to the preservation copy.

This, the 1981 version, has opening clips that are similar to the 1980 version but also includes an unnamed narrator who introduces some of the speakers. The musical selections are shorter and the production quality is better.

Digitized from a 10 1/4" reel-to-reel tape in spring 2018. Photographs of the original media are linked below.


The speakers identified are Carole Paul, French faculty, speaking about the Freshman Seminar; Jeff Mcintosh, 1981 alumnus, speaking on preparations for Medical School; Jack Sikma, speaking about staying connected through his local basketball camp and his relationship with Coach Dennie Bridges; Michael Tipsord, speaking about how his IWU experience prepared him for Law School; President Robert Eckley; and Steve Vogel, 1968 alumnus, News Director and local radio personality.


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