Overview of the 12th Decade

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The recording starts with “Dear Old Wesleyan” sung by an acapella group, presumably the Apollo Quartet. Then an unidentified female provides a general description of changes to campus (curricular and otherwise) and higher education prior to IWU’s 12th decade and mentions they are halfway through the Board-approved “12th Decade Advance” plan proposed by President Bertholf in 1961. She calls what follows a “half past 12” report and emphasizes the ways in which alumni have contributed so far. An unidentified male speaker then describes physical changes to campus in the 1960s up through the fall [1966] opening of Munsell Hall, a men’s hall on Franklin, some Memorial Center additions. Anticipated changes include the makeup of the faculty and student body, upgrades to the Physical Plant and a new library that’s under construction. William Griffin, then President of the Alumni Association, speaking about donating in the 1966-67 alumni fund drive year, so must be 1965 or 1966.

Many of these details are present in the September 1966 President’s Report available at collections.carli.illinois.edu/digital/c…45/rec/13


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