This study sought to identify differences in the beliefs about addiction between a sample of university students (N=81) and a sample of clients diagnosed with substance abuse or dependence from a drug/alcohol treatment center (N=14). It was hypothesized that treatment center clients would present beliefs that correspond to the disease concept of addiction (Jellinek 1960), while members of the university sample would express more personal or environmental attitudes towards addiction. To assess these potential differences, a survey questionnaire based on the Addiction Belief Inventory (ABI) was administered to both samples (Luke, Ribisl, Walton, and Davidson, 2002). Results of t-tests showed that university students and treatment center clients differed in their responses on the Inability to Control [t(93)= -4.12, p<0.05], Chronic Disease [t(93)= 3.22, p<0.05], and Responsibility for Action [t(93)=3.22, p<0.05] subscales. Limitations of the current study and suggestions for future research are also discussed.



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