Envy may be an unexplored component of adolescent social relationships. The main goal of the study was to determine if envy is experienced to a higher degree between best friends than with non-friends. A second goal was to assess the correlations between envy and friendship characteristics. A total of 109 seventh-grade students responded to 3 questionnaires, the Friendship Grid, the Best Friend/Non-Friend Envy Survey and the Friendship Qualities Questionnaire. No significant differences were found between reported envy for friends and non-friends. Envy significantly correlated with conflict (p < .01) and exclusivity (p < .05). A major challenge for future research is to develop a more accurate measure of envy-a survey format may not be the most useful technique. The relationship between envy and conflict and exclusivity demonstrates the importance of further research of envy in order to better understand the potentially negative effects of envy on friendships.



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