Dementia is said to occur in at least 20% of the population aged 85 and older and is rising to almost epidemic proportions as the average age of the population in the United States continues to increase. Characteristically, dementia is manifested through memory impairment. These memory deficits along with other cognitive deficits render the individual at least somewhat disabled in social and occupational functioning. While there are many neuropsychological batteries which measure cognitive abilities and functional impairment, there has been no thorough consideration of how a cognitive screening battery might predict an individual's functional status. This study examined the Iowa Screening Battery for Mental Decline OSBMD) and its capabilities to act as a predictor of functional impairment. Functional impairment was measured using the Functional Independence Measure (FIM) in the inpatient sample (n=13). The Activities of Daily Living Scale (ADL) and the Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (IADL) were given in survey form to caregivers of the outpatient sample (n=9) to assess functional level. A significant correlation was found to exist between the composite score of the ISBMD and the total FIM Score (r=.742; p<.Ol). Preliminary findings suggest that the Iowa Screening Battery for Mental Decline is capable of predicting functional level.



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