Publication Date

January 2013


Social Exclusion Although recent research has made strides in understanding the behavioral impact of varying degrees of social exclusion on targets of exclusion, little is known about the ongoing neural dynamics present during the exclusion process. Importantly, previous research has shown differences in neural activity during exclusionary and inclusionary interactions as well as to exclusionary and inclusionary social events. However, no examinations have investigated whether these differences are sensitive to different degrees of social inclusion or exclusion. Current Study To examine the potential impact of varying degrees of social exclusion on neural activity related to being the target of exclusion, we utilized the Cyberball paradigm to assess participants’ event-related brain potentials (ERPs) to both inclusionary and exclusionary events occurring within two social interaction blocks (inclusion, exclusion). Each event consisted of a series of throw frames that showed a ball moving across the screen from player to player.


Psychology | Social Psychology