Most Recent Additions


The Use of Virtual Reality in Nursing Education
Katelyn Heller, Amanda Kemp, and Emily Kleffman


Fiscal Resilience of Local Health Departments
Isabella Garcia, Katie Hudson, and David Remmert


Social Media Influence on Infant Safe Sleep
Peyton Kumpula and Brenda Drury, Faculty Advisor


“Ordo Ab Chao: An Ode to Garf via Optics”
Wanda Lindquist; Otis Buras; and Gabriel Spalding, Faculty Advisor


Intramuscular injection practices of nurses in the mental health setting
Olivia J. Bankston, Faith Washko, and Wendy Kooken


Visual Novel Games: A New Route to the Humanities
Emmett Apollo Agting and Joanne Diaz


The Jewel in the Lotus
Nomin Chuluunbaatar and Joshua Lowe


Toroidal Plasma Generation
Jaz Belz, Matthew G. Kubas, Benjamin F. Racelis, Joshua Klein, and Gabriel C. Spalding


Analysis of Fluorescence Signals
Henry P. Evans, Gabe Spalding, and Ivan Gonzalez


Experiences of Alumni in Mental-Health Careers: Lessons Learned
Linda Kunce, Faculty Advisor and Marie Nebel-Schwalm, Faculty Advisor


Xuper the Host Hopper
Joselyn M. Molinar and Richard M. Alvey

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