Res Publica - Journal of Undergraduate Research


People always hear on the news politicians arguing with each other on the effectiveness of government. They both agree that government agencies can do a lot better than what they are doing right now, but disagree on how to resolve it. The left argues for providing more funding to these public agencies to have better performance; however, that will require an increase in taxes which most Americans do not want. The right argues for privatizing these public agencies so that there is no bureaucratic involvement in the procedure, as well as this, will determine which agencies succeed and which ones fail in the open market. I would have agreed more on the left’s opinion simply because this will eliminate the agency’s focus on profit over people; however, I realized that private administration is a more effective and better way to approach many services. The priorities that “private” emphasizes, while not perfect, are more efficient and effective than those that exist when these services remain with the public sector.