Res Publica - Journal of Undergraduate Research

Volume 6, Issue 1 (2001)

"I therefore call any Republic a State ruled by laws under whatever kind of administration there might be, because only then does the public interest govern, and is res publica a reality."

Rousseau, Of the Social Contract

This volume of Res Publica, which displays the outstanding achievements of students in the political science department, is dedicated to the 2001 Dupont Teacher of the Year, Professor Tani Renner, under whose leader-ship the department has made tremendous strides and has established itself as a community of innovative and probing scholars.

Prefatory Notes


Editor's Introduction
Terrence Chapman '01 and Josip Giaurdic '01



Terrence Chapman & Josip Glaurdic
Associate Editors
Nicole Lalich, Elizabeth Notz & Stephanie Reinhart
Cover Design
Kami Carter
Faculty Advisor
Dr. James Simeone