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Feminismo Dentro de las Mortajas


First published in the early 1940s, Maria Luisa Bombal's famous work La Amortajada offers its readers insight into a typical male-dominated Latin American society. Through a truly unconventional point of view, all events of the novel are revealed to the reader through the thoughts of a recently deceased Ana Maria at her velorio, a traditional Latin American funeral ceremony. From the casket, Ana Maria remembers each of her guests and these memories are shared with the reader. Although these memories suggest a typical confining life for yet another early-century South American woman, I argue that through her progressive actions and thoughts--especially those concerning religion, Ana Maria stands alone in her patriarchal society. She, like her Chilean author Bombal, should be classified as a feminist. In my paper, "Feminismo dentro de las mortajas," I highlight the prescence of feminism in the novel and speak to its revolutionary place within such a traditional, male-dominated society.

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