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I have chosen as a focus the analysis of fairy tale cartoons in the Soviet Union and have attempted to establish the specific ideological use of five films spanning 1947-1979. For the analysis of these cartoons as ideological tools I have established a theoretical apparatus. This apparatus is based upon a thorough definition of ideology as it applies to these films taken from Terry Eagleton's book Ideology. I have adopted Vladimir Propp's theoretical apparatus on the classification of fairytales from his book Morphology of the Folktale. To aid both in interpreting the history of the 1920s to 1970s Soviet Union and in interpreting the ideological meaning behind the cartoons being analyzed, I have adopted the binary model of Russian history of Lotman and Uspenskii. To provide context for the development of the ideologies being expressed in these films, I have researched an extensive history of the period as it applies to the development of art.


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