The tradition of Senior Dinners, hosted by the President and the Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Association, dates back to the 19th century when Commencement Week consisted of a variety of activities. The University Archives holds photos and other records of those events.

Here you will find photos, slideshows and/or "shout-outs" shared at the graduating classes' dinners since 2015.


Submissions from 2022


Senior Leader Awards, Class of 2022, Karla Carney-Hall

Submissions from 2017


Senior Shoutouts, 2017, Class of 2017 members, Illinois Wesleyan University

Submissions from 2016


Senior Shoutouts, 2016, Molly Jahrling, Megan Win, and Nitesh Kumar

Submissions from 2015


Senior Shoutouts, 2015, Jordan Collins, Blair Wright, Brexton Isaacs, and Johann Linman

Submissions from 2014


Class of 2014 slide show, Class of 2014 members, Illinois Wesleyan University