The collection here contains Honor Projects completed by this program's students; other Outstanding Works (nominated by the faculty); and Scholarship by the faculty, including a collection of images created in the course of one faculty member's scholarly work. Additional information is available in the University Archives and Special Collections.

The following timeline contains just the highlights of changes to Sociology and Anthropology as found in course catalogs.

The first course in sociology found in the 1899-1900 catalog is offered under Political Science. The first time there is a Department of Social Sciences listed is in 1912-13. There are courses as diverse as Economic Theory, Money and Banking, Railroad Transportation, Trusts and Monopolies, Problems of Labor, Social Theory and more.

Department of Economics and Social Sciences begins in 1921-22 and in 1926-27 Sociology has its own department.

Anthropology was affiliated with courses in the Biology department in the 1920s and with the Social Sciences in the 1930s until 2020 when it was discontinued.


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