College sophomores have been deemed "invisible students." This label is the result of a combination of issues students typically face during their sophomore year. Problems include: integration into social networks, declaration of a major, decisions regarding study abroad and/or internships, and disenchantment with the university, among others. A review of survey data reveals that sophomores at Illinois Wesleyan University are no different and face all of these problems. In addition to the above, sophomores at Illinois Wesleyan University have some expectations of the University that are not being met, such as course availability, adequacy of food service, and advising. These combined forces are resulting directly in attrition of some sophomores from the university. This project aims to justify and design a program that would address both universal and specific issues for sophomores at Illinois Wesleyan University. By studying programs in place at other universities and surveying Illinois Wesleyan University students, I will propose recommendations to Illinois Wesleyan University which may effectively address sophomore-specific concerns.



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