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Photographs of display attached below.


Native American Projectile Points are ubiquitous throughout the United States and have been an important icon of indigenous peoples of North America and their past. This paper explores what projectile points can tell us about the people who made and used them, the history of collecting projectile points, and the challenges associated with projectile point research and collection management. The focus of this research is a collection of Native American projectile points in the Tate Archives and Special Collections in The Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University. In addition, the paper also describes the process used to catalog the collection, the many complications encountered throughout the cataloging process, and the display created on the first floor of The Ames Library at IWU in order to showcase and educate the public about the projectile point collection.


Anthropology | Social and Cultural Anthropology

DSCN4630.JPG (2154 kB)
Display area from above; cases two and three (L to R)

DSCN4661.JPG (1974 kB)
Exhibit title board

DSCN4633.JPG (2189 kB)
Case two from above

DSCN4643.JPG (2135 kB)
Case one closed far

DSCN4642.JPG (2057 kB)
Case one open far

DSCN4640.JPG (2054 kB)
Case one open close

DSCN4641.JPG (2325 kB)
Case one center close

DSCN4639.JPG (2133 kB)
Case one point types

DSCN4638.JPG (2159 kB)
Case one point types

DSCN4636.JPG (2256 kB)
Case one point close-ups as found

DSCN4659.JPG (2155 kB)
Case two closed far

DSCN4657.JPG (2091 kB)
Case two open far

DSCN4654.JPG (2125 kB)
Case two details

DSCN4653.JPG (2045 kB)
Case two details

DSCN4655.JPG (2276 kB)
Case two details

DSCN4658.JPG (2111 kB)
Case two details

DSCN4652.JPG (2159 kB)
Case two Argus article

DSCN4645.JPG (2092 kB)
Case three

DSCN4646.JPG (2033 kB)
Case three details

DSCN4646.JPG (2033 kB)
Case three details

DSCN4647.JPG (2093 kB)
Case three details

DSCN4649.JPG (2180 kB)
Case three details

DSCN4660.JPG (2097 kB)
Story board