Guidelines for Student Work in DC@IWU


Student work deemed outstanding will be included in DC@IWU. These include honors theses, work presented at the John Wesley Powell Undergraduate Research Conference, works published in peer-reviewed IWU student journals and outstanding creative works as determined by faculty in a sponsoring department. Acceptable formats include text, images, video and audio files.

Benefits of contributing to the DC@IWU

  • Highlighting exceptional student achievement.
  • Long-term access to and preservation of student work.
  • Preservation and accessibility of audio and video materials that showcases key performances.
  • Sharing of research with the broader community.
  • Increased visibility and usage of materials through Google and other search engines.

Reasons for not accepting items into DC@IWU may include:

  • The item does not match the general parameters of research and scholarship produced at the IWU campus or does not reflect the intellectual environment of campus.
  • The item (or set of items) is of a prohibitive size (as in terabytes). For example, some sets of research data may not be accepted because of their size.
  • The item is not able to be deposited because of copyright issues. If an item cannot be deposited, we suggest adding an abstract with contact information to increase visibility of the resource. If you have questions about copyright and your work, please contact , University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian.

Intellectual Property Rights

The student retains copyright to all items that they contribute to the DC@IWU, unless they have previously transferred copyright to a third party. Students are required to submit a non-exclusive license agreement before their work is added to DC@IWU. For questions, contact , Digital Commons Coordinator. The library and university do not claim any copyrights. When depositing into the DC@IWU, the student agrees to allow the library to make any necessary copies for preservation or future conversion needs. If an item deposited into the DC@IWU contains copyrighted material, the author should request the appropriate permissions. For more information, please see The Ames Library’s Copyright website.

Access Restrictions

It is possible to restrict access to an item or to a community. Please contact the Digital Commons Coordinator to discuss available options.

Withdrawal Policy

Please contact the Digital Commons Coordinator to discuss options for withdrawing items from DC@IWU.

Please contact , University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, with any questions or concerns.

Last reviewed & updated November 10, 2020.