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This paper is affiliated with the Department of Speech. Although the department was independent at the time of this paper's publication, it thereafter merged into the Theatre Department.


"Interpretation is the art of communicating to an audience a work of literary art in its intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic entirety." Charlotte Lee's definition of interpretation seems to be the logical starting poin in the formulation of an interpreter's guide. Miss Lee has stated that the oral interpreter of literature must communicate a work creatively in thesame spirit with which it was written. By this we understand that the interpreter is responsible for much more than the mere oral reading of words; he must discover and be able to elicit the intellectual and emotional meaning of the words and of the selection as a whole. The interpreter must employ certain tools of analysis to uncover, as much as possible, what the author has woven into a particular work. Oly then is he ready to communicate the work in its aesthetic entirety.


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