Gail Dixon '73

Graduation Year



This paper is affiliated with the Department of Speech. Although the department was independent at the time of this paper's publication, it thereafter merged into the Theatre Department.


For too long and for too many people the field of speech
has been characterized by fragmentation of rather than unity
between its various areas of concentration. These areas,
Interpretation, Speech and Hearing Pathology, Rhetoric and
Public Address, Communication Theory, Radio and Television,
and Theatre have developed almost into singular disciplines
in their own rights. However, we cannot deny the vital
interaction which can and does take place within the field
of speech. The Speech Association of America has added the
word Communication to its official name to acknowledge the
growing importance of this interaction of all the disciplines.
Certainly anyone schooled in interpretation would be hard
pressed to discount the values of a well-trained voice or
the persuasiveness of hUman discourse. The debator is well
aware that his effectiveness is increased if he makes his
argument come alive through the dynamics of his diction.
In each of these areas there is a process of communication
between the speaker and audience.


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