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Opening Stage Directions of the Play

As the house opens, there are outlines of the bodies on brown butcher paper hanging on the walls, surrounding the audience. At each seat in the audience, there is marker and instructions telling the audience to walk through the space and write an adjective an each of the body outlines. The audience then takes their seats. The stage is blank except for a row of chairs/blocks along the upstage wall and a mirror laying face down under one of the tables downstage Lights up. From the back wall, one moves to the center of the stage facing the audience. Dressed in audition wear. Holding a head shot. They stand and slate as they would in a normal audition. This is repeated as the rest of the company files in one by one. Each of them hits their "mark," clearly denoted by a white spike-tape box on the floor where they land. They Slate stating Name, Height, weight, eye, and hair color. They repeat their stream of words as they slowly remove clothes to reveal basic movement blacks underneath. They also remove make up and pull hair back into a pony tailor for men leave it slicked back. They then take the head shot and leave it an the middle of a table in the room, as they flip it aver, each one has "ART vs. BUSINESS" written on the back of it. y, of the group gets up onto tables and begins speaking. They are the BUSINESS. whilst the other group moves to the center stage area and begins a movement exploration. They are ART.


Theatre and Performance Studies