The Boys from Syracuse


The Boys from Syracuse

Performance Dates

November 15-20, 2016

Artistic Staff

Associate Professor of Theatre Arts Scott Susong is directed the production, along with music director Saundra DeAthos, choreographer Jean MacFarland Kerr, and assistant choreographer LeeAnna Studt ’17.

Featuring: Conor Finnerty-Esmonde ’17 (Antipholus of Syracuse), Eli Miller ’17, (Dromio of Syracuse), Tim Foszcz ’18, (Antipholus of Ephesus), Kenny Tran ’17, (Dromio of Ephesus), Jackie Salgado ’18 (Adrianna), Haley Miller ’17 (Luce), Yuka Sekine '17, (Luciana).

The supporting cast included: Megan Sperger ’18, Danny Adams ’17, Steven Schur ’17, Dean Carlson ’17, Trev Gabel ’17, Isaiah Rosales ’19, Jace LeGarde ’19, Robert Wilson ’19, Tuxford Turner ’19, Juna Shai ’18, Kamilah Lay ’19, Maddie Steele ’19, Kara Ryan ’19, Catherine Mojsiewicz ’19, LeeAnna Studt ’17, Jenia Head ’17, Dana Clouser ’18, Joanna Dooley ’19 and Jessica McGrew ’19.


Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors is the basis of this mad-capped musical farce. Two sets of twins travel to Ephesus to find their brothers from whom they were separated during a shipwreck. Mistaken identities result in mischief, confusion and hilarity as the situation unravels before the audiences’ eyes.




Bloomington, Illinois


Theatre and Performance Studies


Costume designs property of Marcia McDonald, and set designs are property of Curtis Trout. Not for use without permission. Please contact the Illinois Wesleyan University School of Theatre Arts, 309-556-3011 for information.


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The Boys from Syracuse


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