As You Like It

As You Like It

Performance Dates

February 26-March 2, 2013

Artistic Staff

Cast: Geena Barry (Rosalind), Elaina Henderson (Celia), Ben Mulgrew (Orlando), Zach Wagner (Oliver), Will Henke (Touchstone), Isaac Sherman (Duke Frederick/Duke Senior), Ian Scarlato (Jaques), Marek Zurowski (Charles/Silvius), Adam Walleser (Adam/William), Elliott Plowman (Corin), Kate Rozycki (Amiens), Bri Sarikcioglu (Phoebe), Zach Mahler (Le Beau/Sir Oliver Mar-Text/Jaques DeBoys), Debra Madans (Denis), Angela Jos (Audrey), Joey Chu (Ensemble), Nick Castellanos (Ensemble), Mandi Corrao (Flautist), Maggie Sheridan (Guitarist), Will Greenlee (Violinist).

Production Team: Tom Quinn (Director), Mandi Corrao (Music Director), Annie Simpson (Choreographer), Curt Trout (Scenic Designer), Mariah Williamson (Costume Designer), Stephen Sakowski (Lighting Designer), Aaron Woodstein (Sound Designer), Liz Carlson (Stage Manager).


All the world’s a stage in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a tale of flirtation, friendship and mistaken identity. Filled with clever gender reversals and timely twists of fate, As You Like It takes a lighthearted look at the fickle, yet passionate, nature of love.




Bloomington, Illinois


Theatre and Performance Studies


As You Like It, Play, Comedy, Performance

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As You Like It


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