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Winter 2-26-2018


Illinois Wesleyan University School of Theatre Arts production of Eugène Ionesco’s savage satire Rhinoceros. Performance dates February 27 through March 4, 2018 at the Jerome Mirza Theatre, McPherson Hall. Originally set in a small French town, the play was adapted to take place on the Illinois Wesleyan campus and local community. Rhinoceros is a commentary on the human condition, as the community is suddenly besieged by one roaring citizen who finds himself turning into a rhinoceros and proceeds to trample on the social order. As with any “disease,” more citizens become infected. Written in 1959 in response to the resurfacing of fascism in parts of Europe, the play explores the theme of social conformity as average citizens turn into mindless savages.


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Rhinoceros, Play, Drama, Satire, Theatre Performance


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