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Creation Date

Fall 11-2013


Hay Fever by Noel Coward, centers on the lives of David and Judith Bliss and the chaos that ensues when their children invite guests over to stay at their home. What was once meant to be a quiet, peaceful weekend turns into a weekend full of misunderstandings, arguments and drama, all with a comic twist.

The Illinois Wesleyan School of Theatre Arts production was directed by Professor of Theatre Arts Nancy Loitz, with Adam Walleser as assistant director.

Cast members: Kate Fitzgerald (Judith Bliss), Ian Scarlato (David Bliss), Abby Dryden (Sorel Bliss), Will Henke (Simon Bliss), Alexa Eldridge (Clara), Jenna Haimes (Myra Arundel), Priscilla Moy (Jackie Coryton/Understudy-Myra), Forrest Loeffler (Richard Greatham), Joey Chu (Sandy Tyrell) and Debra Madans (Understudy-Jackie).


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