The Intellectual Standard

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On Reason


It challenges us to face the truth. It tells us when we are wrong. It can sometimes bewilder us with its brutal simplicity. Some call it logic or rational thinking. Others refer to it as "pure reason:' Whatever you want to call it, we have no choice but to utilize this cognitive ability if we want to achieve our goals. Few, however, tend to figure out what it is that they are doing. If you cannot explain reason, it becomes that much harder to justify any given action. If an action is not taken according to reason, a justification will become harder still. The biggest issue at hand is that many people become so accustomed to a life of emotional whim, that it leads to a neglecting of their more useful mental faculties. Believe what you will about the best kind of life, but there is no denying that when such people need help in supporting some claim, their friendly neighborhood reason is nowhere to be found.