The Intellectual Standard


Individual identity is absurd in itself. It is excessively complex. Each one of us has our own, so identity is not uniform between people. In fact, we generally think that its purpose is to distinguish ourselves from others as well as from just being that guy or girl over there. Sometimes, our identity is tied to another person, object, circumstance, or idea. Some­times, it is just a feeling, a presence. And as time passes, the item to which we think our identity is bound changes. Perhaps, as adults, we will all find that thing that is "me': or so we often tell ourselves. Perhaps, you have never given it direct or sustained thought. Perhaps, you are like me and have experienced periods of certainty, each instantaneously shattered by mo­ments of instability or insecurity. But I believe that most of us, regardless of whether or not we are currently searching for it, believe that a uniform, fundamental, unwavering, core something-or-other exists: our identity as an individual.