This Council is charged to support and guide IWU in achieving our goals with respect to diversity. The council will begin by assessing our progress and defining specific steps to be taken to accomplish the five strategies outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Strategy A: Developing a Commitment. Develop a campus-wide commitment to diversity as an institutional priority and foster the sustained community will to achieve the University’s diversity goals.
  • Strategy B: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Student Body. Use strong, persistent, and culturally specific practices to recruit and retain a diverse student body, with emphasis on racial and ethnic diversity.
  • Strategy C: Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty and Staff. Recruit and retain a diverse faculty, Cabinet, and staff, with emphasis on racial and ethnic diversity.
  • Strategy D: Developing and Sustaining a Welcoming Campus Climate. Develop and sustain a campus climate that welcomes diversity and multiculturalism and stresses their essential role in maintaining the quality of IWU’s educational programs.
  • Strategy E: Involving Diverse Constituencies. Promote and strengthen the involvement of diverse groups of alumni, friends, and community leaders in the life of the University.


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