Keatsian Correspondences: A Tragedy in Five Acts

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Spring 2020


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In recent decades, key scholarship and projects have affirmed—at long last—the importance and independent literary quality of John Keats’s personal correspondence. And while creative endeavors like Tom Clark’s Junkets on a Sad Planet have further engaged Keats’s remarkable letters, none have gone so far as to audaciously assume a personal acquaintanceship with the long-dead Romantic. Uniquely processing a personal trauma which echoes Keats’s biography in numerous, intriguing ways, “Keatsian Correspondences: A Tragedy in Five Acts” does just that. Communicating a semi-autobiographical narrative via a phantasmal prose-poem and accompanying analytic preface, this project uses Keats’s letters—specifically, his lengthy September 1819, journal letter to George and Georgiana Keats—as a template and, with the necessary casualness of someone who has—in reality—voyeuristically probed the writer’s many revealing letters, is addressed directly, intimately, and improbably to John Keats himself.


English Language and Literature

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